I tried to create a very simple design for my website. As you probably would have guessed my main focus lies on the display of my work, in other words, my photographs, and I therefore decided not to include any introductory nonsense on the homepage. Another reason I wanted to keep it simple lies in the fact that I'm getting more and more frustrated with so called "modern" websites. Too many graphics, too many links, too many colours, too many headlines, too many fancy words that really don't mean anything. And maybe my brain capacity is just limited and my knowledge of certain subjects is very primitive (that's actually more a "definite" than a "maybe") but I seem not to be the only one with some serious doubts about the evolution of our everyday website display.

Have you ever tried to look up a, possibly very simple, question or definition in the endless source of information more aptly known as the world wide web and experienced something like the following? You are either forwarded from one page to the next, one link to another, one definition to the next, meanwhile losing track of your original question and gathering a million other questions, or you stumble upon a very unsatisfying explanation with no verification of the truth and no possible way of finding out how accurate this piece of information actually is. Well, I guess we have all been there a few times. And while many of you will argue that the endless possibilities within this fast knowledge expanse by far outweigh the "simple" process of filtering and sorting out the useless or wrong puzzle pieces I think that most of you will probably agree that there is a lot of time wasting going on while finding the answer you were initially hoping for. Although my website is rather meant to be for inspiration and those eye candy moments, and really has nothing to do with finding that elusive answer, I hope you don't mind the nudge into deliberate reflectiveness.

With this in mind I just wanted to create something very simple and enjoyable, a straight to the point viewing pleasure experience :)

Please browse and enjoy, pleasure and linger, view and experience, share and comment. I will greatly appreciate any questions, suggestions, ideas and above all I'd love some constructive criticism!

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. "
- Buddha -

About the website

Simplicity explained :)